Two English Cream Dachshunds



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We raise smooth coat and longhair miniature dachshunds. 


Cedar Lake Dachshunds is located just west of the St. Louis area in western St. Charles county.  My husband Don and I have a country setting for our dachshunds to run and play when they’re not curled up on the couch.  We fell in love with this breed when we walked into a pet store over 25 years ago and first saw Pauli Girl, a black and tan longhair miniature dachshund.  While we vowed to only purchase dogs directly from a breeder, we fell in love with her on the spot.  When we got her home we realized why we should only purchase dogs from responsible breeders.  Pauli was one sick little puppy, she had parvo and kennel cough.  She won her battled with parvo (her brother did not survive).  Despite all of her early troubles, she lived a long and happy life. We lost Pauli Girl a few years ago, but think of her often.  After that experience we made it our goal to raise happy and healthy puppies for our enjoyment and the benefit of others. 

Pauli Girl not only instilled a love of dachshunds in us, but in our daughter as well.  Our daughter lives in a neighboring community and also raise dachshunds. We share our love of the breed and we share our dogs.  Our dogs sometimes travel between our homes.  Thus you may see different dogs on our website at different times.  Our  dogs are exposed to our many visitors as well as our grand children.  The kids can often be seen playing ball with the dogs in the backyard.  Very cute!

All of our puppies and dogs are raised in our home as part of our family. We do not have outdoor runs or outbuildings. Our puppies are held and played with everyday. Puppies are in our living room where they are exposed to everyday noises, other dogs and children.  This makes for a well socialized, lovable, confident puppy. 

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website.  Thank you for your interest.  If you have any questions, please email us.   Barb Fortmeyer


The puppies on this page have all gone to their new homes. 
Please see Puppies Page 1 for information about upcoming litters.


Outdoor Playtime...It's a puppy party.









 Nap Time
                       Yin & Yang                                  Great arm rest                                   

You make a great pillow, Mocha                                            

Some of our dogs lounging in the family room

Is there room for one more?                                                                

                                           You're squishing me!