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Previous Puppies.....  Previous Puppies

These are some of our puppies that have gone to their new homes.


Heather and Jack had 3 girls on January 2, 2011.


Rachel is now called Daisy & went home with Beth & Michael.

March, 2011
Hi Barb and Don,
 Daisy  is the love of our lives.  She loves to snuggle in front of the television and play with her toys.  She has adjusted to sleeping in her crate at night and seems to really enjoy taking naps in there. Here are some updated photos of Daisy!  We will definitely be in touch,
 Beth, Michael and Daisy


Updated pictures of Daisy in her new home. July 2011

July, 2011
Hi Barb and Don,

Just wanted to send you a quick update on our big “D.”  She had her spay surgery this past week, which was hard on all of us.  She is recuperating very well but is having a hard time staying still.  We go outside to go potty and she wants to play with the neighborhood dogs and run.  We have to hold her back – She is such a social and happy little puppy!  She graduated from the first level of dog training a couple of weeks ago.  She was the life of the class among the other dogs, kids and adults – proud to say that we have mastered sit, lay down, and stay (she automatically lays down when we go towards her treats).  She is really an absolute pleasure to have around.  We are so happy to have her in our family.  Here are some updated pictures.

Beth, Michael, and "D"



This is Phoebe.  Pictures taken 03-06-11 at 9 weeks old.

Phoebe went home with Pat, Deb, Brendan, Casey, and Colleen.

March, 2011
Hi Barb,
Phoebe (we decided to keep the name) has been doing  just great. She has adjusted just fine to our home.  She and Cleo are getting along  just great.  As a matter of fact, they are both snuggled up in some blankets on the couch—No better place to be on such a cold, snowy day!!!  She is doing pretty well with going outside to take care of her business, however, this cold weather has made it not as much fun to be outside. I also took her to the vet for her 11 week checkup and shots.  She was the hit of the office!!  Everyone was cooing over her and saying what a sweet little girl she was—which she definitely is!!  Phoebe is just the sweetest and has quickly become part of our family.  I hope to have some pictures to send to you soon. 
Thanks for everything,  Deb


This is Monica.  Pictures taken 03-06-11 at 9 weeks old.

Summer's and Rusty's litter born April 7, 2011


Cherokee is now called Missy
and she went home with Sandy and Basil.
Sioux is now called Ellie & went home with Pam and Stephanie &
her new doxie sister, Sophie. 


Missy in her new home.  August, 2011

Hi Barb, 
It was nice speaking with you yesterday.   We love Missy to death and she definitely is part of the family.  I can't wait to get her into Puppy Classes next month.  She is really smart.  She already has learned to sit, down, and fetch toys and drop them.  She learned these fast when she found out she was getting some string cheese. 
Hope you enjoy the pictures I sent.   
Sandy Platto


Missy 1 year old.  May, 2012


Hi Barb & Don, 
Have been meaning to email you pics of Missy (aka Cherokee) at 1 year old (April 7th).  She is doing great. Loves to play ball, go for walks, and for rides in the car. We are just amazed at how well she rides in her pet carrier in the car.  She jumps in and you don't hear a peep out her.  Sometimes we have a time getting her out of the carrier.  She really likes it here and really likes her people.  And we just love her to death. 
Have a great day,
Sandy & Basil


Commanche  went home with Heidi, Jeff, Katie & Emily.

Mohawk's new name is Duke and he  went home with Randy and Sue and his new doxie sister, Daisy. 

Apache will now be called Bam Bam.  He went home with Bob, Susan, Jeremy, Jacob, Jenae, Jessica & his new doxie sister, Pebbles.


Comanche now known as Peanut in his new home.  June, 2011

Hi Barb and Don!
I wanted to thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Comanche, who we are now calling Peanut!  The girls really thought that he looks like Peanut Butter so after much deliberation, we have decided on Peanut.  We have just fallen in love with him - he's so sweet and his personality is very bold!  He's not afraid to play rough with Holly.  (Although, I think I'm more afraid of them playing rough) I have also included some pictures of him and his new 'sister', Holly!  (They have become fast friends)
He is adjusting well and seems to really love all of the toys that are available to him; Doodles and Holly had a whole basket full and they are now all over our living room floor.  He's really into pulling them all out and giving each one special attention. 
He enjoys spending mornings outside exploring the patio and playing with Holly while we sit in the swing.  He hasn't dared to venture too much further out than the little pool the girls have, but I'm sure it won't be long before he's running with Holly along the fence line. 
We have an appointment with the vet for him in a couple of weeks for his next shots and are looking forward to showing him off to our doxie loving vet! :-) 
Hope all is well with you all!  Thanks again, we'll be in touch!
-Jeff, Heidi, Katie and Emily



June 9, 2011 update
Peanut is doing GREAT!!!  We just love him more and more everyday.   He's such a wonderful little pup and really loves to cuddle. I will admit that I was just a little concerned about the timing of a new puppy after Doodles, but just as I told the girls; he is really carving out his own little spot in our hearts.  I will attach a new photo of him to this email so that you can see how he's grown in the past week.  (I can really tell)   He keeps us on our toes and the girls are such little mother hens, monitoring his every move. This picture just shows how he loves to sleep in his bed!  :-)  Half in and half out...



August, 2011
Updated pictures of Peanut in his new home. 

August 31, 2011 update
Hi Barb and Don, 
How are you?  Everything is going well here but just as expected, the new school year brings a busy schedule!  I wanted to write to update you on Peanut's growth and boy has he grown!  He's such a sweet boy and still so laid back except, of course, when he and Holly are wrestling.  He walks right up to the vacuum cleaner and sniffs it - I don't think we've ever had such a mellow boy.  He and Holly also enjoy hunting toads together and chasing birds out of their yard.  They are quite a pair!!  He also loves hanging out with Rusty when he comes for a visit!
I am also including some pictures of him so you can see how much he's grown! I hope things are going well for you all!  Take care and hope we hear from you soon! 
-Heidi, Jeff, Katie, Emily, Holly and Peanut



Greta and Snickers litter born on March 31, 2011. 

3 days old

10 days old


Dorothy and her brother Tinman are now called Schotzie and Jaeger.  They went home with Jeff, Amy, TJ, Breanna, and Scooby. 


Scarecrow's new name is  Vonnegut.
He went home with Katie.

Lion is now called Louie and
went home with Kai and Jill.


Update on Vonnegut (aka Scarecrow)

September, 2011
Hey Barb! 
Sorry I haven't gotten in touch yet but Vonnegut has been keeping me really busy! We have had no problems at all health or otherwise. William is just jealous that Vonnegut always wants to sit in my lap and not his! lol 
His vet appointment was fine and all the people who worked there just fawned all over him and he was such a good boy while we were there.
He is very afraid of going outside here in the city so I have to carry him on our walks for now, but he'll get to like it I'm sure. We get stopped on our walks a lot  by people wanting to see him.  He is WONDERFUL about using the pee pads for now.
He's eating and drinking well and getting more independent in exploring our loft, which is pretty big. He never whines during the night while in his kennel either. He is an absolute dream. I'll send pictures as soon as William shows me how! 
Thank you so much!

October, 2011
So, Vonnegut is 6 months old now!  He is the best puppy ever!!
I have floor to ceiling windows and he LOVES to sun bathe. He is a total fraidy cat until he thinks I'm in danger and then he immediately puts himself between me and the "danger". He loves going for walks in his stroller and loves people giving him attention. He would play fetch for hours if I would let him!! He is such a sweet baby boy, and everyone adores him.
He couldn't be more perfect if I had created him myself. Right now he has fallen asleep with his halloween rope toy in his mouth. So Sweet.
Thank you sooooo much. I have got to get you some pics!



Louie in his new home. June, 2011

Don & Barb,
Just wanted to give you an update on how Louie is doing these days! After the initial sleepless week he settled down a lot and now happily sleeps through the night in his crate. We did buy him a larger crate so he would be more comfortable, and he seems to really like his doggy bed. We're in the process of housebreaking and he's been doing pretty well with it, although there are still a few accidents indoors. I'm sure he'll master it once he has better control of his bladder -- he already does a very good job of holding it at night and goes to the bathroom outside first thing in the morning. I uploaded some pictures for you guys.
Thanks again for being so accessible and helping us get the puppy settled in to his new home!
Kai and Jill


Schatzie and Jaeger in their new home. June, 2011

The puppies continue to do very well!  My husband loves watching the kids play with them, and yesterday TJ played with them for an hour and a half before they all decided to take a rest.  Schatzie is doing better with housebreaking than Jaeger, but they are still so small I know it will take a while.  She just gets right to business as soon as I take her outside, where Jaeger seems to have ADD and it takes him a while to figure out why he's there- after he plays with rocks and sticks, and sniffs and explores, etc!  I am working on bell training them like I did with my other dogs too. 
Hope you like the pics- one is when we surprised Jeff with the puppies at work, the puppies getting a good rest after the kids went to bed, the kids showing off their favorite new puppies,  Breanna making sure the puppies had all their new toys to snuggle with in bed at the same time (LOL!), and Jaeger with his new best buddy Scooby.
Let me know if there is a good time to stop by with the kids for a short visit.  Thanks again for our wonderful puppies! 


Schatzie and Jaeger coming back for a visit. August, 2011


Schatzie and Jaeger in their new home. September, 2011

Sept. 2011
OMG the puppies are soooo spoiled rotten!  Schatzi is such a little begger and always wants to be held, while Jaeger likes to snuggle up next to you or be held in your arms like a baby.  Jeff lets them up on the bed but not poor Scooby!  Schatzi loves going to TJ's soccer games and practices, going up to everyone she sees, giving them kisses and then rolling onto her back begging for belly rubs!  Everyone loves them and thinks they are such beautiful sweet dogs.  They have been potty trained for at least a month now and doing great.  They got spayed and neutered right after the holiday and did awesome.  Every day they wrestle with each other and with Scooby, and of course have to have a lot of snuggle time too.  Schatzi is very fast and loves to steal popcorn from Jeff (picture is attached).  There is also a pic of all three dogs exhausted after playing with all the kids at TJ and Bre's birthday party.  They love going to Grandma's house where they can dig in sand and mud all day (they are working on a lot of landscaping).  They are also working on leash walking now that the weather has improved.  I am so glad I found you and your wonderful puppies, and I'm sure everyone else who has taken one (or two) of your puppies home feels the same way :)
P.S.  The kids love to have puppy snuggle time in their beds for a few minutes before they go to bed each night- especially TJ.


                                            Jaeger and Schatzi February 2012

Barb, I thought I would send you a couple more pics of Schatzi in her favorite snuggle pose and Jaeger in his new "perch" in my planter. Amy


Cricket's and Seth's litter born April 18, 2011


Daiquiri will keep her name & went  home with Tiffany. She will be joined by Emerald (aka Malibu)  from Becca's litter who was adopted by Tiffany's sister, Brittany. 

Margarita is now called Lolli and 
went home with Quentin and Vicci. 


Rusty is now called Eddie and went
  home with Andy and Abby.

Tom Collins will keep his name.  He went  home with Abby and now lives in Nebraska. 

Rob Roy is now called
 Henry.  He went home
with Larry and Ann. 


Pictures of Tom Collins in his new home.

August, 2011
Good morning Don and Barb! Just thought I would update you with some pictures of Tom. He is an amazing puppy and growing up so fast! He graduated puppy school a couple of weeks ago and was one of the best students in his class. He is also getting ready for Husker football season and even has his own jersey :) Hope you enjoy the photos! Sincerely,


Lolli (aka Margarita) in her new home.

June 12, 2012
So good to hear from you!  Remember when you warned us about the personality of a female?   Oh my goodness, she has a very strong personality and runs the males (Max and Cherokee the german sheperd).  She seems very proud of her behavour at times!  She's still a petite flower - weighing in at 9 lbs however she is the great hunter that I dread - always bringing me "presents" of dead birds, dead mice ...even a bunny rabbit.  She's incredibly proud of her kills and it's making me insane!!!    She's still so incredibly soft and cuddly - she loves sitting on my shoulder still just like when we first brought her home ...she's definately my girl  :)


Lolli (aka Margarita) in her new home.
December, 2012

Here is my pretty girl!
 I will send better ones later. 




Becca's and Dreamer's litter born on May 4, 2011

Amethyst is now called Maggie & went home with Renee, Vince, Chelsea & Mason.  She will be joining her dachshund "sister", Molly, (aka Frenchy)  who was adopted from Cedar Lake Dachshunds last year.

Topaz is now called Roman and went home with Spencer, Jane, Rhett, Reece, and Rori.

Emerald's new name is Malibu and she went home with Brittany.  She will be joined by Daiquiri from Cricket's litter who was adopted by Brittany's sister, Tiffany.


Ruby will now be called Bit-O-Honey and went home with Jennifer, Carolyn, and her new dachshund sister Tootsie Roll.

Sapphire's new name
is  Peanut and she went home with D'Linda.

Opal now called BeBe went home with Sheryl and Peter and her new dachshund brother Napoleon.


Peanut (Sapphire) in her new home.

July, 2011     

Here are some pics from when I first brought Peanut home, I have a few more on my camera I'll send them tomorrow. Everything's going pretty good.  I went on a Jamaica trip for 10 days and had to leave her with my mom (who doesn't like dogs) lol but she fell in love with Peanut and let her sleep with her and everything :) so she's definitely a celebrity in the family. Oh I forgot I have some pics from Christmas and we all have outfits lol adorable. But I'll still send some more tomorrow.

December, 2011


Roman (aka Topaz) in his new home.

December 8, 2012

Hello, I just wanted to give you an update on Roman.  
He is now a Texan!! We moved to Houston, Texas over 
the summer, and we're all still adjusting to this 
change/heat. Roman is doing great. He continues to 
love us all, and is a great little watch dog!  I'm 
attaching a picture of him in the child seat on my 
bike.  He loves to go for bike rides!  He would 
love to have a playmate, and some day we'll adopt 
another from you. 

Thank you for allowing us to adopt him!

The Douglas Family






Layney's and Snickers' litter of 7 born on May 18th. 


Aphrodite went home with Angie
and Tim.  She will be joining her "doxie brothers" Oscar and Ozzie, who were also adopted from
Cedar Lake Dachshunds.

Apollo's new name is  Rommel and he went home with Christian.  He will join his dachshund sister, Reese, who was adopted by Christian's sister, Ali, last year.

Neptune will now be called Scrapples & went home with Craig, Mary, Josh, Brandon, Caleb, Payden, Nollee, Maddux and his dachshund sister Cappuccino. They also adopted "Young" from Gracie's litter.


Zeus the black/tan dapple will now be called Rebel.   His sister Athena will now be called Dixie.  They went home with Jeff, Dana, and Zak.

Hercules will now be called Pee Wee and went home with Tom and Michelle.

Mercury went home with Judy & Gene to live in KC.  Judy and Gene also adopted Caesar a black/tan piebald pup from Bell's litter. Mercury & Caesar will be visiting their "doxie cousins", Max and Rocky, in St. Louis often.  Max and Rocky were adopted from
Cedar Lake Dachshunds by their daughter and son-in-law. 


Rommel in his new home.  September, 2011

Hi! Attached are updated pictures of Reese and Rommel! Reese has thoroughly enjoyed her role as big sis and is teaching Rommie the finer arts of chasing and cuddling. Rommie is certainly our cuddle bug - he wants attention, and he wants it now! He loves to give kisses and snuggle when he tuckers out. He is our vocal boy, but Reese still hardly barks!



Dixie and Rebel in their new home.  July, 2011

July 27. 2011
Hi -
We wanted to let you know that Rebel and Dixie are doing GREAT!!!  I have been trying to send you an email all week, but I am constantly mesmerized by our new pups.  They are so adorable.  I am not getting anything done in the house, writing or ready for school - and - I don't care!  I am TOTALLY enjoying Rebel and Dixie.  They are so cute together and doing very well.  They sleep through the night without accidents or waking us up.  They sleep together in the crate that has Laney's blanket it in (along with another blanket for padding).  The crate is located inside their playpen where water, toys and a pee pee pad is available if needed.  So far, no real accidents - I hope I have not spoken too soon.  Both of them are doing very well about going outside.   
Dixie is a character!  She only wants to go where she should not go . . . hmmmmm.  She is constantly wanting to go under the couch.  We put towels down to block her.  She yanks at the towels, drags them away and darts under the couch all in less than 30 seconds . . . lol.  Zak had some of his friends over and they watched the pups while we went to an auction.  ALL of them said that it will be a loooooooong time before they have children.  Dixie really gave them a time - nothing bad - just doing what she wanted to do and not what they wanted her to do.  She is a stubborn German red head and we love her!  She howls after she has barked a few times and feels that no one is listening . . . it is so cute.   
Rebel is also doing well.  Thankfully, not as challenging as Dixie, but still as adorable.  He is definitely more laid back and relaxed, but he does play hard, too.  They both do.  We love watching them play with each other.  We were concerned that Dixie kept beating up poor Rebel.  When we talked to the doctor (which I will expand on in a minute), we told him that we would break it up because we really worried about Rebel getting hurt.  He said not to, as this is the way they play and learn.  He also said that if Rebel wanted it to stop, he could stop it.  When we got home, we let them play - again Dixie was kicking Rebel's butt.  Then, he took his paw and pushed/threw her about two feet away.  She was a bit stunned but charged him again.  We felt better seeing him defend himself. 
Now, for the vet visit.  Rebel weighs 4.0 pounds; Dixie weighs 2.9 pounds.  They are in EXCELLENT health and our doctor was HIGHLY impressed with the records. He also noticed the dew claws. He said that removing this is a sign of EXCELLENT breeders.  He asked if we met the parents and of course, we said yes - that they were a real contributing factor to our decision.  He said that he was worried when we said that we got them from a breeder in Missouri because of all the breeding mills making terrible headlines recently.  Then, when he saw the paperwork, the pups and heard what we had to say, he was overly impressed!  We go back on Aug 12th to get their third round of shots.  He couldn't believe that you had sent home the meds (the yellow stuff - sorry I don't remember the technical names).  All in all - he was impressed and that made us happy.  I have been meaning to email you since we saw the vet to let you know all the good things we heard.  He did say that doxies are his favorite breed and these two are adorable (of course!)  Though, I did not tell him that Dixie's sweet look is deceiving - lol. 
These pups play hard and sleep hard.  They make us laugh and are fitting in very well.  Dixie was running around as usually - like a crazy girl - then, she flopped on a pillow and was asleep.  It was so funny.  We weren't sure if she was alive (new parents nervousness), but she just wore herself out - literally.  Gretchen watches them play as they run back and forth.  She looks like she is watching a tennis game.  She even starts to pant.  I think watching them wears her out.  Rebel adores Gretchen and really would like to cuddle with her.  Gretchen is warming up to the idea, but isn't quite sure yet.  Pepper on the other hand has been a complete snob - lol.  She actually "ignored" the pups for the first two days.  She would turn her head and walk away as if they did not exist.  Now, she is making her presence as the alpha dog well known.  She will check out the pups on her terms, not theirs.  She will growl and Dixie and Rebel just innocently wag their tails - I'm sure glad they don't get offended like people.  Gretchen and Pepper enjoy being the only ones to sleep in the bed, actually Dixie and Rebel have not begun to explore that far yet anyway.  Since they sleep so well in their crate, the doctor recommended to continue to let them do this.  It is healthier for everyone.  They love laying in the crate and sometimes, we even have to coax them out.  Rebel likes to keep his body inside on the cover and stick his head out to decide if he is ready to come out.  Dixie stays inside, but when she is ready to get out - everyone will know it!  LOL. 
Thank you so much for the fun and laughter you have given our home (though I can't speak for Pepper, just yet - lol).  You both were wonderful through the purchasing process and you have helped form two little lives that make others happy.  We are grateful for what you have done.  Everyone is impressed with their socialization - you are right (though you know this), but they are socialized well and do not fear other animals or people (heck, Dixie fears nothing).  Jeff's aunt and uncle were one of the first people to see Rebel and Dixie; they live in Forstell.  He is a puppy trainer for schnauzers and she trains these breeds to work with the elderly in nursing homes.  They fell in love with our babies and were also impressed at the way they acted and the way they were cared for by you. 
I could go on and on, I'm sure you know; however, I am certain you have other pups to attend to.  I am attaching a couple pics of Rebel and Dixie.  
Okay - I am off to bed.  The pups will be up by 6ish, so I should sleep while I can.  Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING.  We are truly blessed by you.   
Jeff, Dana and Zak - Gretchen, Pepper, Rebel and Dixie, too!


Pee Wee in his new home.  September, 2011

September, 2011
Hi Barb and Don, 
Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that PeeWee is doing fine and growing very fast.  He completely lost his black mask and stayed so little Tom started calling him PeeWee.  It fits him to a "T".  He is a very loving dog and gives tons and tons of kisses.  He is especially playful with Nugget to the point that they run circles around the yard and family room.  They enjoy each other and PeeWee has fit right into place with the other two dogs.  We still miss and think of Harley but PeeWee has brought laughter back into the house.  
Here are some pics of our boy.  He is a very loving pup and showers us with kisses. These were all taken around 16 weeks.  He weighs around 6 1/2 pounds in these pics. He likes to play in the pool with Caramel.  He wrestles with Nugget and the two play constantly.  He is Tom's buddy and has brought laughter back in our house. 
Hope all is well with you.

Pee Wee in his new home.  November, 2011

January 1, 2012
Now that the holidays are almost over I wanted to send a few new pics of Pee Wee.  He is  about six months, growing so fast, and is still such a loving little dog.
We will have to get together soon. 


Gracie's and Rebel's litter of 4 boys born on June 9, 2011
Pictures taken at 2 days old


Crosby is now called OP and
lives in Maryland with Kim and Fred.

Stills is now called Gatsby and
lives in CA with Annie and Marc.


Nash will now be called Patriot
and went home with Jake and Kelly.

Young's new name is Claymore.
  He went home with Craig, Mary,
 Josh, Brandon, Caleb,
 Payden, Nollee, and Maddux
They also adopted Neptune
(aka Scapples) from Layney's  litter. 


OP (aka Crosby) in his new home.  October, 2012

October 7, 2012
Hi Barb-
How are you, this is Kim here in Maryland.I bought OP 
from you last year. I look at your page often and saw 
that OP has some new brothers and sisters, they are so 
adorable and look so snuggly :) I have attached a recent 
picture of OP. He is just as cute as could be and I just 
cannot get enough of him :) He is very smart he knows 
how to sit, stay, lay, wave, roll over, and of course his 
favorite is fetch. He loves to learn new tricks. He is 
really a beautiful dog and I could not have asked for a 
better dog than OP. He is so energetic all of the time 
but yet also loves to snuggle :) Everywhere that we take 
him everyone always says how adorable he is and that they 
love his color and have never seen one that color. Hope 
all is well, and just wanted to give you a little update 
on OP as I know you love to hear about your puppie's new 
homes and how they are doing.




Carly and Jake had a litter of 3 on June 11, 2011

Carly's pups. Pictures taken 06-27-11 at 2 weeks old.


Leia's new name is  Patty & she went home with Matt & Janae.

Luke Skywalker will now be called Charlie and Hans Solo will now be called Jack. 
Charlie and Jack went home together.  They will now live in Kansas City with
Matt, Jessica, Maddie and Nicholas and their new dachshund brother Otis. 


Charlie (Luke Skywalker) and Jack (Hans Solo) in their new home May, 2012

May 14, 2012
Hi Don and Barb, 
There have been so many times over the past (almost) year that I have intended to write and send pictures of the boys.  Charlie (Luke Skywalker) and Jack (Hans Solo) are doing so well.  I am sure you remember my hesitation at taking home two puppies as we intended to only come pick up Charlie.  However, Jack reminds me everyday that I made the right decision. He is so mellow and sweet.  The boys are always by each other's side.  They are so fun to watch, they play all day and keep each other entertained, as well as us!  Otis plays with them when he wants and because they have each other when he doesn't feel like playing they don't bug him...most of the time.  They have certainly fit right into our family.  I wanted to pass on a few more recent pictures....
Jessica Chiappetta


Skye's and Dreamer's litter born on Sept. 2nd. 

Morticia went home with Wesley and Mary. Her new name is Chloe

This is Wednesday.  She will
 now be called Lilly & lives
in KC with Celine and Dave 


Pugsley will now be called Milo and went
 home with Lynn and Connor.  He will be
 joining his "sister" Olivia (aka Elaine)
who was  adopted from
Cedar Lake Dachshunds last year.

Gomez is now called Baxter and
 lives with Jeff and Debbie.


Pictures of Milo in his new home. November, 2011


Hi Barb and Don,

Life is Good!  we absolutely adore our little miLo!  he is mellow, playful, and loves connor! he is the icing on our cake!  thank you for being a big part of our lives!
We have an appt for shots on Friday.  miLo now weighs 3.4lbs.  he is eating the puppy royal canine but will just as well steal the big dog food.  he is always hungry and thirsty.  poops and pees a lot, so connor is busy remembering to take him out often.  accidents happen as i don't think he knows to go to the door, we just have to continue guiding him.  i come home every day at lunch and take him outside where there is sunshine and the other wieners.  connor says he is quiet and just sitting looking around when connor gets home from school.  good boy!  he is beginning to play appropriately with oLivia and she and he run around and tumble, miLo is submissive to Livia with her playful growls.  oLiver now is able to not care what miLo is doing, even if it is biting his ear! ha!  miLo sleeps with connor in his kennel, oLivia sleeps with me under the covers, and oLiver is in a crate in my bedroom.
I have taken pics this morning of oLivia and miLo and sent to you earlier.  isn't he just a beauti!  Livi too!  Let me know if i needed to send them a different way and make them bigger to see.  I absolutely LOVE the one where connor is kissing miLo and he has his tongue out.
Hope this Thanksgiving holiday is full of peace and love, enjoy!
BTW; oLivia weighs 7.3lbs...she's just a little girl but mighty!


Pictures of Lilly (aka Wednesday) in her new home. November, 2011

Hey Barb!
We named her Lilly Anne Hobbs.  She is absolutely the apple of my eye :)  Everyone who sees her loves her and she is very friendly with everyone she meets. 
We are currently training on puppy pads right now, and I'd say she's getting about a B- at that.  We walk her to the puppy pad often, and sometimes we'll sit there with her for 20-30 minutes to make sure she goes.  She is getting it though!
She LOVES that blanket you gave us. It's so funny, when she's looking a little tired, her eyes are getting heavy, all I do is pick her up and wrap her in the blanket, pet her for about a minute and she will go right asleep.  It's like a sure-fire way to get her to nap while I need to do things around the house, like do dishes or laundry where I'm not able to keep a close watch on her.
She is VERY playful, with us and our friends, and I normally have been just sitting and watching her play with her toys all day which she loves.
Thank you so much for saving Lilly for me, she has made me SO HAPPY!
Thanks again, Celine


January 15, 2011
Hey Don & Barb,
Just took a great photo of Lilly yesterday and thought
I would send it to you :)
She's very special to us :)
Celine & Dave



Pictures of Chloe (aka Morticia) in her new home. November, 2011


November 21, 2011
Hi Don and Barb!

Hope you're doing well! We are loving Chloe and so thankful to have found her. Thank you for giving us such a fun, sweet little addition to our family!  Its so much fun to watch her little personality come out. She is healthy and full of energy, slowly learning potty training (if its slow its because we're slow learning on how to train her!) and just generally doing great. I've attached some pictures we had taken for a Christmas card and one we took when we first brought her home - so precious! Everywhere I take her I get so many compliments on how cute she is, and I have to agree with them all. We'll send more pics as she grows!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Mary (and Wes)


December 11, 2011
Glad you like the pictures! We love them! My friend is a photographer and she took them a few weeks ago. I need to check with her to see if you can use them. I'll let you know. I hope you can cause I think they are great! Who wouldn't want a puppy that cute?!? :-)


Hi Barb!
Just heard back from my photographer and friend, Sarah, and her answer is below. :-)
Merry Christmas!

Yes they can definitely use them as long as they mention me and put a link
to the website (www.sarahsuephotography.com).  I'm glad they like them!  


Wilma had her sweet babies on September 23rd.


Heath is now called Bullet and went
 home with Gina and her family. 

Joy is now called Roxie and went home with Kelly and her family.  She will now live in Raleigh, NC.


Ruth is now called Leia went home with Brielle.

Henry is now called Douglas
 and went home with Desiree,
 Tim, and Ari.  They also
 adopted Loretta (now called
 Daisy) from Karmen's litter.

Pattie went home with Kai and Jill.  They adopted Louie from us earlier this year.


  Karmen's and Dreamer's babies born on September 30th. 

Dolly will now be called Blondie and went home with Bob.

Willie's new name is Bentley and he went going home with Chip and Valerie. He will now have a dachshund brother named Noah.

Loretta is now called Daisy and she went home with Desiree, Tim, and Ari.  They also adopted Henry from Wilma's litter. 


Lizzy's little boy born November 17th, 2011.
His name is Beau and he went home with Kelli and her family.

February 13, 2012
Hey Barb and Don!!!
I am sorry that I haven't written sooner, but we have been busy enjoying my sweet baby boy. 
He went for his 12 week shot Saturday and he was 6 pounds 13 ounces.   It is hard to believe a month ago when we brought him home he was 4 pounds 8 ounces.  I guess he is fitting in..lol 
The family is crazy about him, including his doxie sister Lola.  She was a little apprehensive at first, but he won her over like he has everyone.  My husband in enjoying him, although he will never admit it.  His potty training is going very well.  He is sleeping through the night, but we had to crate him in order for that to happen.  It isn't a small plastic crate, it is what I call very large hotel room with a view.  He loves it in there.  When he isn't sleeping, he is out and about running through the house with Lola.  When he sleeps, Lola wants him to play.  It is funny to watch the two of them.   
I can never thank you enough for introducing me to Beau when he was just 8 days old.  He has filled that empty spot that my Hoover boy left.  The funny thing is that Beau does things that Hoover used to do.  My daughter and I just look at each other and shake our heads.  He likes to move his food bowl around and has tried to tip it over with his little man paw, he loves to lay on the carpet on his side in the sun spot when the front door is open and the most important of all, he wants his mom to hold him when he wants to be loved.  Of course, that doesn't happen as often as I would like, lol......but I take what I can get. 
Anyway, I have attached some pictures for you.  There is one that you will see he has that duck rattle you gave him when he left home.  He loves that thing and plays with it all the time.  There is also one of him and Lola napping together, the two of them waiting for their treat.............I will keep taking pictures and send you more later.   He loves the snow so I am going to try and get pictures of him playing in it. 
I hope these put a smile on your face! 
Talk to you soon,




Becca's and Jake's little girl, Annie, born on November 11th. 

Annie went home with Jason, Christy, Gracie, Grant, Will & Blake.

January 7, 2012
Hello, Annie is doing  SOO GREAT!! Not kidding! No accidents!!  It’s so crazy how fast she is picking up the outside potty thing. So proud of her!  I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful baby we have, she is just a joy! I sure hope you know what wonderful dogs you have/breed and sell!! Pictures will follow!! God Bless you guys, Christy


January 15, 2012
Hi Don and Barb, here are some pictures of Annie with her family. She is doing so well here and we love her bunches! Our Lola loves her too! Hope all is well.
Take Care. Jason, Christy and the Kiddos :)


February 18, 2012
Hey Don and Barb,   Wanted to send you some new photos of Miss Annie. They turned out so cute! Hope all is well. Just love this pup to pieces J



June 25, 2012
Hi Barb and Don, Wanted to send you some photos of Miss Annie she is now 7 months old and is doing just GREAT!!! Hope all is well on your
end, judging by your website you guys are super busy with the sweet puppies that you have now. Enjoy the rest of your summer take care. Christy


Summer's and Snickers' litter born on November 10. 2011.

Meathead is a black and tan smooth coat
pup.  He will now be called Chopper and
went home with David.


Gloria will now be called Gracie and went home with Mike, Diana and family.


Archie and Edith were adopted by Rex and John. 
Archie will keep his name and Edith's name will be shorten to Edie.

Archie and Edie in their new home.  St. Louis, April, 2012


April 1, 2012 
Hi barb and Don 
Archie and Edie are fantastic. They do make us smile everyday. They are both so cute and 
sweet. They both play so well together and are doing fantastic! They really loved the 
puppy park! Edie is very social with the neighborhood puppies and Archie is very protective 
of his sister and growls if other puppies get too close to her. They both love people, 
especially women when they coo over them (we think it reminds them of Barb's voice)...
they seem to think that everyone that they meet should stop and love on them...they 
definitely get a lot of attention from our neighbors.  In fact, they get a great deal of 
attention from everyone they encounter.  
Rex and John


April 27, 2012
Barb and Don,
I hope all is well with you both.  We are all doing great. Archie and Edie are scheduled for 
their spay/neuter next Friday. I cannot believe how fast time flies. I have some bitter sweet 
news to share with you.  I have accepted a new position in San Diego. I will be moving first 
then John and A&E will follow. They are excited about becoming California Doxies. We were 
wondering if you would like to see them before we move. We will also send u pictures to keep 
you updated.

Edie and Archie  San Diego, CA  December, 2012

December 25, 2012
Hi Barb and Don. Merry Christmas !!
Archie and Edie are great....we all love San Diego
Take care,  Rex and John




Layney's and Dreamer's litter born on December 31, 2011


Poppy's new name is Madeline Grace or Maddy for short. She went home with Jim, Kim, Kelsey & Jordan.

Pepper will now be called Rudy and went home with Bill and Lynn and his new dachshund brother, Sammy.


Ginger went home with Andy,  Becky, Drew and Austin.

 Cinnamon will now be called Fiona and went home with Tom and Louise.

Nutmeg is now called Molly and went home with Tom, Christina, Chris, Brandon, and Brittany.


Rudy (aka Pepper) in his new home.  March, 2012

March 2, 2012
Rudy is doing great.  He is eating and drinking.  He and Sammy are getting along well, but Sammy gets tired of him at times.  He is doing good on potty training and he is adapting well.  We will send some pictures in a week or so.
 Bill & Lynn

March 7, 2012
Hi!  Here is a picture Bill took this morning.  They are have a ball together and have the beginnings of a good friendship. 


Maddy (aka Poppy) in her new home. 
March, 2012


Ginger in her new home.  March, 2012

March 5, 2012
Ginger received an excellent report from the vet, Dr. Edward King.  She will get her shots in two weeks. He was very pleased with how healthy she seemed.  She weighed in at 4 lbs.  We are loving her and our other son, Austin, got to meet her late last  night and came home to see her again, tonight.  She is so friendly and loves to play, but is sleeping well also. Will call you  the last week in March to come visit!!!


June 1, 2012
Everything is going great!  Ginger has won the hearts of everyone!  You were right, she loves to go, go, go!  But, she also loves to snuggle.  We will be doing baseball and Graduation parties this week-end so I will look to see if next week-end works.  She has figured out "Stay" and is great at it.  We are working on "Come" now. 
Many, many thanks for our wonderful new addition to our family!!!!!!!  Will keep in touch.



July 19, 2012
Here are a few pics of Ginger.  Tiger (aka Danny) is in a few of them. Hope to send you more soon.  She is a sweetie
Thanks!  Becky and Andy


July 21, 2012
Ginger did quite well after her surgery.  You can barely see her scar already.    She is a very pretty girl and now this baseball team is in love with her, too.  Today she even made friends with the opposing team.  We are playing baseball with Drew today but might be able to come tomorrow.  It will depend on how they do tonight.  If they lose, they are done.  So, I will have to call you in the morning and just see if it would work for us to come after church.  Otherwise, I might be able to swing by one evening while Drew is at Football camp.  Anxious for you to see her again.  She weighed 10 lbs. 2 oz. when I took her in for her surgery.
Hope to see you soon,




Gracie's and Snickers' litter born on February 12, 2012

Abe's new name is Bear & he went home with Liz, Gabe,  Logan, Luke and Ashley.

Mary is now called Atwood and went home with Katie and her doxie brother Vonnegut who was adopted from Cedar Lake Dachshunds last year.

Rushmore's new name is Muggsy.  He went home
with Josh, Gabi, and Kiki.

Gettysburg's new name is Ottis.  He went home with Jim, Barb, Michael, Jennifer and Brian.


(aka Mary)
in her new home.
April, 2012


August 21, 2012
Well, Atwood is 6 months now. She is getting bigger everyday. And, sassier!
They both LOVE to go to the park. Vonnegut loves to go for attention (he has learned to sit and be calm for strangers to pet him). Atwood likes to explore. She loves to roll in the grass, smell all the flowers ( there are a lot of different kinds at our park, so it takes a while), and tromp in the ground level fountains. She usually gets tired walking home and makes me carry her.  She sleeps hard after our visits. 
She has learned (and of course so has Vonnegut) to sit for treats. She can never sit all the way down because her tail is wagging to hard. She also just jumps up on my lap whenever she wants. Vonnegut waits to be picked up, even if you tell him to jump up lol. We are working on her asking, and only jumping up to sit when told it's ok......she is not really into it. I tell her no, and the minute I stop looking at her....she jumps up on my lap again. 
Atwood doesn't EVER lay down on the hardwood floor. (Vonnegut always sleeps at my feet). She loves her doggie bed, and her blankets. Or at least has to have Vonnegut to sleep on. lol
They are both wonderful!
This minute Vonnegut is playing at my feet, and Atwood is digging the blanket in her bed which means she is getting ready to snuggle in and sleep in the fading sun light. They LOVE to sunbathe. The vet laughed when I asked about sunscreen. 
Just wanted to give you an update.
Thanks again!!




October 14, 2012
So, Atwood is 8 months now!!! And Vonnegut is going to be two years in March!! They are both in great health, and as sweet and snugglely as ever.
They also both love our visits to the park and the arch grounds, but Atwood loves it because she likes to explore, smell all the different flowers and plants, get her feet wet in the fountains, and best of all scratch her back on the short ruff grass patches, and Vonnegut loves it totally for the attention! And they get tons of attention! He is very good and has learned to sit and be calm for people to pet him. Atwood is happy with being petted and fussed over, but that is not her going out goal. Vonnegut thinks it is his personal parade. Atwood always gets tuckered out, and at some point refuses to walk anymore (once in the middle of a downtown crosswalk!!) and she has to (well pretends like she has to, anyway) be carried home.
Atwood seems really sensitive to cold. At night she gets herself all bundled and wrapped in a blanket with Vonnegut snuggled up to the little lump she makes. So, she has her own little drawer full of sweaters, and they both have a pile of blankets all their own. Plus, when it gets to the low 40's and below I get out a space heater to put by their beds even though our heat is turned on. 
She is SO sassy. It cracks me up. She bosses him when they play, and she bosses me when she is ready for attention, and I'm doing something else. A high pitched RUFF! with a nod of her head is what happens. And we usually respond, lol.
They love treats of fresh fruit and some fresh vegetables. Berries, apples, and carrots are the favorites. In the summer I mix them with crushed ice. In the winter I mix them with warm plain oatmeal. I always look up everything to make sure it's safe.
Thanks again for the best puppies ever.



Skye's and Dreamer's litter born April 4th.

Butch will now be called Thor and went home with Christine, Toni and Martha. 

Sundance's new name
is Skylar.  He went home
with Lynn and John.

Etta's new name is Daisy and
she went home with Jesse, Raquel, Devin, Oliver, and Alianna.

   Thor (aka Butch) in his new home.  December, 2012              May, 2013                    



Summer's and Dreamer's litter born June 4th.

Homer's new name is Lucky and he went home with Jared, Lezlie, Carson, and Owen.

Marge is now named Zoey and went
home with Sarah and Chris.

August 5, 2012
I just wanted to let you know that Lucky is one amazing little pup! We are all in love with him already! 
He seems right at home here. He has not had an accident yet...he goes in his puppy apartment all the time. 
He is eating well and is very entertained by the boys. He is sleeping a good 6 hours at night! We are 
impressed with the little guy!
I'll send some updated pics soon. Just wanted to say thanks for giving him such a great start in life:-)



October, 2012

Lucky (aka Homer)
in his new home.

December, 2012

December 25, 2012
This is the best dog we have ever had! We adore him! I'll try to send a better pic soon. 
Come by and see him if you are ever in the area!
August 17, 2012
Don and Barb,
Good morning!  We wanted to let you know that Zoey is doing fantastic!  She had a little bit of a tough time  adjusting the first few days but is doing so well now. Her and Oliver were not too happy with each at first but now they are partners in crime. They play wonderfully together and have even started to sleep next to each other.  Oliver is teaching her how to dig holes in the back yard...annoying,  but cute as heck watching them do it together.  He might be bigger, stronger and faster but he's also figured out that her baby teeth are not to be taken lightly.
We will send you pictures as she starts to get a little older so you can post them on your site.
We wanted to thank you for the manner you two handle the whole process of getting your pups to new homes. We will certainly recommend you and we couldn't be happier! 
We will stay in touch and hopefully we can stop by next summer for a visit.
Thanks again,
Chris & Sarah
Zoey (aka Marge)  in her new home. October, 2012

October 1, 2012
Hi Barb,
We hope all is well with Don and you too. Zoey and Oliver are doing great! She is getting so big! They love to play with each other and "wrestle". Here are a couple pics of Zoey and a couple pics of Oliver and her. Enjoy! And again thank you so much for everything. We love her so much!
Sarah & Chris

Bart's new name is Woody and he went home with Joyce.  Megan, Joyce's daughter, adopted Bailey (aka Jan) from Cedar Lake Dachshunds 3 years ago.

Maggie went home with Maureen.

Woody (aka Bart) in his new home.

August 7, 2012
Woody had a good first night, poor little guy was exhausted after his big journey. He is already a 49er fan!!
August 11, 2012
Hi Barb,
Just a quick note to tell you Woody is adjusting well.  As expected it took him a couple of days to adjust to his new home, he slept a lot and wanted lots of cuddles. Last night he discovered his voice and is a lot more adventurous and curious about everything. We saw our vet on Wednesday and he called him perfect!  
All the best,


December 25, 2012
Merry Christmas!!

Joyce and Woody 




Mady's and Jake's litter born June 3rd.


Robbie went home with
Russell and Donna.

Katie's new name is Maya and she
went home with Edgardo and Vanessa.


Steve's new name is Crash & he went home with Phillip & Marlaina.

Chip went home with
Scott and Chelsey.
His new name is Bennie

Mike's new name is Gus & he went home with Ross Ellen, Eric, Holly & Melissa



August, 2012 Pictures of Gus (aka Mike) in his new home.

August 12, 2012
Good Morning!  Just wanted to take a quick moment and
update you. Great ride home and great night sleep. He 
is a wonderful car rider!  He was very quiet last night 
and slept from 10:30-4.  He ate very little last night, 
but has eaten and drank this morning. All bodily 
functions seem to be taking place in the right place! 
(phew!) I attached a few pictures, and will send more. 
Thank you!  We all are truly in love with him.
Have a wonderful day!
Ross and Ellen



December, 2012 Pictures of Gus (aka Mike) in his new home.

December 24, 2012
Wishing you a Happy Holiday! I do not believe any of your dogs could be loved more that Gus!  He 
truly is a blessing in our family!  Although he loves everyone in our family, he is truly a Mama's boy!
Have a wonderful holiday!
Ross, Ellen, Eric, Holly and Missy 




April, 2013 Pictures of Maya (aka Katie) in her new home.

April 18, 2013
Hi Barb,
Hope you are doing great! Long time since we met. We just wanted to give you and update about Katie, her new name is Maya and she is incredible, my family is in so much in love with her. She has a very strong personality, very playful and mischievous,  is so much fun to have her with us. I am sure she thinks she is a human. She is very protective of her home.
Here are few update pictures of herself. 
Best Regards,




August, 2013 Pictures of Bennie (aka Chip) in his new home

August 11, 2013

Hi Barb,
This is long over due, but better late than never!  Chelsey and I just wanted to send you some pictures of Bennie's first year with us.  He has been an absolutely amazing puppy.  He is the most fun, energetic, playful, and best snuggling dog ever.  Bennie was, and still is, a very fast learner!  Potty training, obedience, etc. have all come very easily to him, but he still has a very vocal personality. We just want to thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to enjoy having a little bundle of joy in our lives.  Hope all is well!
Chelsey and Scott





Halle's and Jake's pups born on June 30th.

Ella's new name is Pepper and
she went home with Charlene.

Billie's new name is Lexi. 
She went home with Jeff, Kelly and Lane.

Louie will keep his name.  He went home with Robert, Stephanie, Joseph, Colin & Parker

Nat's new name is Jasper and he went home with Ethan, Casey, Kristal, Armon and his new doxie sister, Macy.


Jasper (aka Nat)  in his new home August, 2012.



August 26, 2012
Casey and I took some pictures this morning of Jasper and Macy.  Jasper is fitting in just perfectly. He ate late last night and again early this morning. He’s very curious, loves to cuddle and a sound sleeper. He’s not fond of the kennel and of course, the boys hate to hear him whine, so they take him out and cuddle with him instead. We have our work cut out for us with training the boys and dogs with the kennel!  We’ll keep you posted on things, take care!
 with love, Kristal and family



Lexi (aka Billie)  in her new home October, 2012          December, 2012              



Pepper (aka Ella)  in her new home December, 2012.




Pearl's and Dreamer's litter born July 19, 2012

LuLu went home with Chelsea and Ross

Avery went home with Cheryl and her family


Pictures of LuLu in her new home.

October 26, 2012
Hi Barb and Don,
We just wanted to check in and give you an update on Lulu. She is doing great! We can't go anywhere with her without everyone stopping to say how cute she is!
She won first place at the halloween costume contest we took her to, and won a free training session, and has learned "sit" and "crate" (as long as there's a treat involved!)  We signed her up for the beginner puppy classes, so we're hoping that will be a lot of fun for her to interact with the other dogs! She has 8 favorite toys so far and cannot resist getting them all out at the same time. The week after we brought her home, we bought a new coffee table and she has officially claimed it as her castle and if we are ever looking for a missing toy, we know right where to find it.
We were looking at your website the other day and i think we agreed that we want to get LuLu a brother sometime next year. We absolutely love the little shaded creams that you have photos of online. If you are planning another litter next year, please let us know as we would be so excited to bring home a little boy!
Ross, Chelsea & LuLu



Jordan and Snickers girls, Lavern and Shirley born on July 29th


Laverne went home with Jerry.

Shirley's new name is Pepper and she went home with Dean, Wende, and Brett


Layney's and Snickers pups born on August 6th


Nemo's new name is Gizmo and he went  home with Matthew, Lynn and David.

Dory's new name is Lydia
and she went home with
Sam and Laura and her new
doxie sister Coraline.

Marlin's new name is Mugsy and he went home with Tim and Colleen.

Ellie's and Jake's litter born on August 5, 2012.


Columbus' new name is Auggie and he went
 home with Mark and Kathy.

Nina's new name is Bella and she
went home with Scott and Cami.


Pinta's new name is Lucy and she
went home with Chelsea and Kyle.

Maria's new name is Ellie
and she went home with Sharon.


Ellie (aka Santa Maria) in her new home.

November 6, 2012

Barb and Don,
I have attached a pic of Ellie (aka Santa Maria) taken a few days after we got home.  She is doing great.  Initially she liked to nip but we had a talk and she is much better.  House training is going well.  She goes through the doggie door and goes down her steps unassisted.  She is also beginning to sleep all night without going out. All of her doggie cousins play well with her and she is not at all intimidated by any strange dog, cat or person.  The fenced yard and leaves are great entertainment for her.  Sometimes she returns the ball (I think by accident) but comes pretty well for her age. She is quite the chewer and eats anything she can find in the yard.  Fortunately, it hasn't caused any tummy upsets when I didn't catch her in time.  She is growing like a weed and changed to Blue without a problem.  She's not too fond of a bath though.
Just wanted to give you an update.


Lucy (aka Pinta) in her new home.

November 6, 2012
I thought I would check in and give you a quick update on Lucy.  She is doing awesome!! She is such a joy to 
have around.  She felt completely at home the first night we brought her home.  I can't believe how well she 
did.  She ate, drank, and played with everything like she's been here forever.  She has met a lot of people 
and does great! She is a very social puppy and loves to meet new people.  Her and Molly wrestle and play 
every time I bring her to my parents.They are so funny to watch!! Maggie wants no part of Lucy. She growls 
and shows her teeth when Lucy comes around. We thought she would have warmed up by now, but she still wants 
nothing to do with her.  We think she is very jealous of Lucy.  Is this normal or is there something we can 
do to make her realize Lucy is not a threat?  
I hope all is well with you guys!
Ps I will send you a picture of our new family when I get a chance.   
December 13, 2012
Hello again!
Lucy is doing great! She is all finished with her puppy shots. I am taking her to get spaded in January. I hope everything is going good with you guys! Talk to you soon.
 PS I have uploaded a couple pictures for you :)


Bella (aka Nina) in her new home.

September 30, 2012
Dear Don & Barb,
I think these people I adopted are going to 
work out fine. I went to bed last night at
11pm and for some reason the lady started 
yelping at 5am so I had to take the man for 
a walk and to potty. When that was over we 
came in for coffee and a donut but I wasn't 
hungry yet so I didn't eat, you know us 
girls have to watch our figures. I played 
on the couch and the floor and on the couch 
again and then I had breakfast. I will have 
to train them to make breakfast like you and 
Don did.  I had to take that big guy out again
and I had my 2nd poopoo at my new place when 
he wasn't looking, he should really be more 
attentive to my needs. Any way, my pen inside 
is exactly like the one at your place but it 
is a little quieter here.  I'll have to see 
what I can do about that! Well this typing is 
tough on my little paws so by for now. My 
picture below is after I wore myself out 
playing with these two I live with now, man 
they are high maintenance.



October, 2012 December, 2012


 Gracie's and Rebel's litter born on September 20, 2012
Gracie's and Rebel's pups were such a beautiful and popular litter, that we will repeat
this breeding in 2013.  If you would like to be put on our notify for a pup similar to one of
the pups above, please email me your name, telephone number and your preference
for gender, coat type, color & pattern. Our email address is

Sterling's new name is Macie and she went home with Roger, Julie and Mackenzie. 

Slater's new name is Scoots and he went home with Kevin, Shannon, Garin and Hayden. 


Stormy's new name is Izzy and she 
went home with Nathan and Lindsey.

Smokey's new name is Ace and he went home
 with Dave, Diane and Adam.  They also adopted Luna aka Mia from Caroline's litter.

Pictures of Izzy (aka Stormy) in her new home. 

December 1, 2012
Barb & Don
We hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving.  Izzy is settling in great.  Remy played a little on the rough side the first couple days, but she is doing great with her now.  They play for 15-20 mins non stop then they are both passed out.
Izzy is doing great with potty training, just about every time we take her out she goes potty. Crate training is going okay, I don't think she necessarily doesn't like her crate she just doesn't want to be away from us. She is a great dog! We are blessed and greatful to have her.  Hope you have a great holiday, and will send some better pictures of Izzy soon.
Thanks again,
Lindsey & Nathan


Pictures of Macie (aka Sterling) in her new home, Nov. 2012. 

November 17, 2012
Macie slept through the night.  She finally came around to eating a little bit anyway. She is warming up a little already. Her new world is still a little scary and overwhelming but she is doing fine. She is going potty outside so far. Kenzie hasn't left her side today. Last night she swaddled Macie up like a baby when she whined in the car and Macie was out like a light. Who knew swaddling is effective on dogs too. Lol. Thanks for everything. I will send pics in a few weeks.


                                                                                                                                Macie in her new home, May. 2013 

December 31, 2012
Nope. I am not spoiled at all! Haha! 

She actually ran to us the other day got our attention and then ran to the fireplace and whined. She repeated this until Rodger started a fire for her. She is our sweet spoiled little princess. 





Ace (aka Smokey) and Mia (aka Luna) in their new home.

December 25, 2012
Merry Christmas to you and your family!  The babies are doing great.  We love them
so much. 



Caroline's and Seth's litter born on September 22nd.


Star's new name is Ellie and she went home with Barb & her family

Luna's new name is Mia and she went home with Dave, Diane & Adam. They also adopted Smokey aka Ace from Gracie's litter.

Celeste's new name is Molly and she went home with Sharon and Jim.

Molly (aka Celeste) in her new home.

November 21, 2012
Just a note to let you know that Molly 
(Celeste) went to the vet today. She is 
absolutely perfect! Molly now weighs 
2# 10oz. She has adapted to her new home 
with no problem. We love her so much . 
I will send a pic




Mia (aka Luna) and Ace (aka Smokey) in their new home.

December 25, 2012
Merry Christmas to you and your family! 
The babies are doing great.  We love them
so much. 




Summer's and Dreamer's litter born December 13th. 


Aspen's new name is Leia and she  went home with Allison, Pedro, Christian, Daniel, and Gaby.

Aurora's new name is Sassy and she went home with Tom and Stacy.


Durango's new name is Oscar and he went home with Matt, Jamie, Addison, and Lucy.

Boulder's new name is Luke.  He went home with Renee, Ward, Carl, Katie, and Peter.  They are also adopting a black and tan little girl from Halle's litter.

Denver's new name is Luc and he went home with Kristal, Armon, Casey and Ethan.  He
will join Jasper and Jordan
who were also adopted from
Cedar Lake Dachshunds.


Pictures of Leia (aka Aspen) in her new home February, 2013

           February 27, 2013
           Sending some pics! Leia is the absolute sweetest thing. We are loving her so much!  
           She is sleeping through the night but were working on the potty training!


Pictures of Sassy (aka Aurora) in her new home April, 2013

April 24, 2013
Dear Barb and Don:
Just wanted to tell you both "Thank You!" Aurora which we now call "Sassy"  is beautiful and enjoying life. She is a very intelligent puppy and so good. We have her house broke and now she is learning to sit. 
When we took her to our vet - he fell in love with her. He gave her a clean bill of health! He also told me that she was the prettiest dachshund he'd ever seen. 
So I am sending pictures to you from the first day we brought her home! She has been really great with the grand kids and as you can see by one of the pictures they wore each other out! For She is quite the player and her nickname "SASSY" fits her to a tee! 
Hope you enjoy the pictures and we will stay in touch. For I can tell you already that we are planning on getting a 2nd dachshund in the near future. 
Take care,
Stacy and Tom
Brittni and Jackson ("Thank you, too!")



Pictures of Luc (aka Denver) in his new home April, 2013




April 14, 2013
Hi guys!,
Just wanted to say Hi and see how everyone's doing. Luc had his last vaccination yesterday. He weighed in at 10.38 lbs!! I think he'll be bigger than Jasper. I love to take him to the vet, everyone, raves about him. (the vets, techs, and other pet owners) Apparently, no one around here knew dachshunds come in English Cream. They always talk about how beautiful he is. He was neutered last week. I really appreciated when the other three were done at the same time. They all were ,too, tired to bother the other one. This time, we had to keep Luc away from everyone else because they all wanted to play with him when he got home, and of course, he was wiped out! he truly is a sweet boy. He plays well with everyone and is very laid back. However, he too, likes to bark at other dogs. He will actually try to chase after them. It almost becomes a competition with him and Jasper. thanks goodness they can't get far on a leash! my neighbors have a large bulldog and she just looks at Jasper and Luc like they're nothing to fear and doesn't move when they approach here. Things are getting busy around here. Baseball is back in swing, Casey graduates from eighth grade next month, Ethan turns ten next month, and then it'll be time to plan a baby shower and finalize preparations for our newest family member. Sorry I got long winded again, Hope everyone's well. Talk to you soon, Kristal




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